Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Free Online University Degree For You

Free online university degree for you
Free online university degree
If you are working and not having time to pursue a full time course from university, you should think about free online university degree. Fortunately U.S.A online academic environment is one of the richest   academic environment in the world. Here is a list from which you can select your free online university degree in U.S.A

  1. Free online university degree from Stanford - If you have a computer and reliable internet connection you can just make your dream true of having a free online university degree from one of the best university in world - Stanford university is offering 16 new online university degrees that are accredited online university degrees and considered best. The unique thing with this offering is that the courses are   delivered through latest instructional platforms designed by the engineers of Stanford university. The platforms are Class2Go, Venture Lab and Coursera. It means the learners are going to experience a new online learning environment which is designed to induce maximum learning in students. Here is a complete list of free online university degrees provided by Stanford university
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - The free online university degree from MIT could be an asset for you. This open course ware based platform is offering 2000 courses free of cost to you. Visit this link for more details
  3. University of the People- This university provides tuition free courses and free online university degree. The University needs to charge a minimal examination fee to students to maintain its operations. more information is available at
The good news is that most of top notch academic institutions are collaborating together to make the higher education absolutely free and accessible to all without time, place and resource barriers across the globe. Read this article at Hope that each and every citizen of this world will be able to broaden his/her choice of getting a free online university degree at his own convenience.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Online Doctorate Degree in Education [ Part-1]

online doctorate degree in education for you
Are you planning to have an Online Doctorate Degree in Education? It is a matter of great convenience to have a PhD from a reputed world class institution in Online mode, but yet we need to be conscious when opting for the final choice. You may be a resident of U.S.A, China, France, Canada or from anywhere in the world, But academia is also having a brand loyalty kinda of thing where you need to know- which institution, university is credible, having reputation and most demanded in the education industry as well as in job market. It all affects when you face an interview with a degree of an institution who is struggling for its name. No doubt that it all depends on your personal knowledge and abilities, but still it depends on the school you graduated. These things are really implied when you are going to make a choice for your online doctorate degree in education or online PhD in education.

Some reputed, accredited and highly recommended online doctorate degrees in Education are offered by world class universities like Harvard courses are as bellow with the links to their webpages.

  1. Doctor of Education in Leadership (Ed.D) from Creighton University - Minimum qualification is Masters degree in any professional stream. For more information you can call on the toll free no. 866.717.6365.
  2. Online PhD in Leadership for Higher Education from Capella University - This course is accredited by   Higher learning commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The university offers a range of options in online doctorate degrees in education and one can explore the available options on website
  3. Online Doctorate Degree in Education (PhD in Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Higher Education) from University of Nebraska - The course is designed to suit working professionals in higher education, Master students willing to broaden their horizon and people looking to build their career in Higher Education. for more information please visit
  4. Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership in Higher Education Leadership from Grand Canyon University - The course provides insightful learning and bring theories and practices across management and education disciplines. you may also consider other courses at the university who are - Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Special Education,Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in K-12 Leadership,Online Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Organizational Development.
  5. Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Northcentral University - This is also an accredited course and have good reputation in market. The course title is general and suits a range of wide job titles
There are various other online doctorate degrees in education or online phd degrees in education that are worth to consider. The post will continue in part -2. Must share your opinions.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Essentials of Strategic Decision Making

This video post brings you the essentials of strategic decision making which is a critical process in strategic management. Useful and applicable for M.B.A ( Master of Business Administration ) students. 

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Best Online Masters Degree in Education

Online Masters Degree in Education has a different positioning in the world of academia. Though the teaching-learning methods are drastically changing due to online media and instructional methods, the teacher training courses and their formats are also changing. Many universities are offering Online masters degree in education and students are opting them frequently. Teacher training programs are prepared to train teachers and Master of Education programs are basically prepared for teacher educators. This program has a universal presence as teaching is an established profession.
online masters degree in education is best for you

When you are looking for accredited online masters degree in education here are some choices you can consider before making a decision. 
  1. MA in Education(Master of Arts in Education) - from Ashford University is an accredited program by Higher Learning Commission. The course is highly recommended and credible. Though it may be a costly option for Asian students, this online masters degree in education is very popular.
  2. Master of Science (M.S) in Education - Walden University offers this course and it is also accredited by Higher Learning Commission. This program utilizes the best technology and innovative methods to train educators and highly appreciated in academia.
  3. M.S-K-12 studies in Education - Capella University offers this course as a leading online masters degree in the education market. This course follows APA standards and recognized by Higher Learning Commission.
Other universities who are offering Online masters degree in education are as follow - 
  • Bowling Green State University
  • Fort Hays State University
  • Northern Illinois University
  • Syracuse University
  • Wright State University
  • Liberty University
  • Kaplan University
  • Western Governers University
  • St. Josephs University
  • Oregon State University
  • Drexel University
These all institutions are offering online masters degree in education.  A decision should be taken depending on your budget and comfort with the curricula.

Accredited Online Degree Programs

Accredited online degree programs are in vast demand and as much the world is going virtual, their demand seems unstoppable. Online degrees are replacing full time campus courses and students can complete their all credits via internet. Increasing outreach of PCs and handheld devices is changing the role of communication in educational sector and creation and spread of knowledge is becoming faster and easier. Wikipedia defines an Online degree program as
"An online degree is an academic degree (usually a college degree, but sometimes the term includes high school diplomas and non-degree certificate programs) that can be earned primarily or entirely through the use of an Internet-connected computer, rather than attending college in a traditional campus setting. Improvements in technology, the increasing use of the Internet worldwide, and the need for people to have flexible school schedules while they are working have led to a proliferation of online colleges that award associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees."
accredited online degree programs brought for you

The  most critical issue in getting online degrees is accreditation. According to United States Department of Education, the goal of Accreditation is to ensure the minimum level of quality in courses. Similarly ENQA, European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education defines the role of accreditation as ensuring accountability and maintaining quality. It means that accreditation serves twofold needs of ensuring accountability and maintaining quality in online programs and campus courses.

When a student or working professional wants to join an accredited online degree program, he needs to understand the framework of accreditation available. At least he must know that the degree he is going to enroll is considered valid in the job market and recognized by the accreditation agencies. This will save time and cost incurred otherwise.

Accreditation in U.S.A - In U.S.A the accreditation for online courses is done by Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). This body is recognized by US Department of Education and Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Apart from DETC, there are six regional accreditation bodies who are most powerful and popularly known for accreditation in U.S.A. These are responsible to accredit all academic bodies in their regions

  1.  Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  2.  New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  3. North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  4.  Northwest Accreditation Commission 
  5. Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  6.  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools 
Accredited courses are highly demanded and reliable. As far as the quality of education provided by these online virtual educational institutions is concerned, studies report that online degree holders performed better than those who attended classroom teaching. A study by Distance Education and Training Council reports that employers preferred online degree holders because they were excellent performers. Same results have been found for online school courses.

Thus in information age and virtual world going for an accredited online degree program is a win win decision which saves your time, resources and puts you apart from others in matter of performance and achievements.

How to get a Harvard Online Degree

World famous Harvard University is offering a broad choice of getting educated from a world class university on the convenience of your own. The amazing thing is that these Harvard Online degree courses are absolutely free. Students from India and China may get benefited heavily with this opportunity.  Harvard Extension School is offering a variety of courses for different disciplines and streams. You can find there a range of options in almost all disciplines.

How to get a Harvard Online Degree for you

The courses are available in following disciplines.

Anthropology and archaeology
Biological sciences
Computer science
Engineering sciences
Environmental studies
Expository writing
French language and literature
History of art and architecture
History of science
Information systems management
Legal studies

These courses are delivered through online video lectures and web conferences. A student can watch the prerecorded lectures at his convenience and submit the assignments as per schedules. The courses are offered at credit levels. It is a great opportunity to learn from the topnotch educationists and academicians.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Online Psychology Bachelor Degree : Making Your Choice

Are you planning to pursue online psychology bachelor degree? If you google the keyword, you will find yourself in a puzzled situation. It becomes very difficult to decide which course and university is valid, and best. But yet, you need to be informed and decision will be yours. always evaluate your choices on some objective standards. Before you opt for an online course, you  need to evaluate it on some parameters. What these parameters can be?
online psychology bachelor degree

  • It should follow APA guidelines : American Psychological Association has set of guidelines for Undergraduate courses. You should evaluate the curriculum of your course whether it follows the APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major
  • Accredited : The institution offering the degree should be accredited from the accrediting bodies. For U.S.A, the accreditation is provided by U.S Department of Education or Council of Higher Education Accreditation. In India it is done by UGC and NAAC. Here you can find a list of  Accreditation agencies of world
  • Credibility : The foremost criteria for an online course, is its credibility. You need to research whether the course being chosen by you is credible or not. 
  • What employers say about this : You really need to know the response of employers and industry people about this course. Do they recognize it? is the course branded good in job market. This question needs to be answered. Your choice of online psychology bachelor degree also needs to be evaluated on this parameter.
  • Learning mediums : The course module of an online degree can be integrated with several mediums. It can have textual learning material written in form of kindle, Pdf, MS word, but audio-visual aids are necessary. They have significant impact on your learning. Videos of lectures are helpful in understanding of complex concepts. There is a trend of publishing lecture videos these days and you can find a plethora of video lectures available on youtube and other dedicated websites.
  • Your own budget : Yes, it is always a constraint and will have significant and considerable impact on your choice. 
There are several other things to consider and an informed decision must be taken when opting for an online course, degree whether it is online psychology bachelor degree or any other course.